31 July 2009

an introduction

for those who are probably wondering "what in god's name is a birdgehrl," rest assured that your query will be answered.  "bird gehrl" is a song by antony & the johnsons and it has always been near and dear to my heart and my own aspirations for life.  so that's that.  

anyway, this is meant to wind up as a sort of project/catch-all blog (eventually containing cooking, baking, knitting, photography, and perhaps some permutations of all of the above). hopefully having this will encourage me to actually take photos of my work instead of just laze about (and this is why i also finally cracked and got myself a flickr account, though i haven't uploaded anything yet). 

a bit about me to get started i suppose: i'm a twentysomething college student, thisclose to getting my BA with french and theatre arts as my main concentration, and somewhere along the line i may or may not decide to get the german minor i'm currently toying with. i'm also a dj? i dunno. 

yup.  that's all i've got for the meantime.  welcome to birdgehrl bits. 

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